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do weed seeds make you sterile

According to Women’s Mental Health, these are just some of the factors affecting infertility or sterility in addition to marijuana smoking. The habitual smoking of marijuana lowers the concentration and count of the sperm of up to 28%. It does not stop there, the psychoactive effects as caused by tetrahydrocannabinol effect and damage the reproductive system. If you are planning to conceive a child or improve your fertility, better yet start alleviating marijuana smoking. It takes three months or so for sperm reproduction. If you want to improve your chances for production, you have to quit a few bad habits of yours and develop your lifestyle. Bear in mind that the numerous advantages marijuana upholds come with disadvantages that will affect your way of living in the near future.

* ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS – this is comprised of one’s way of living. The factors include vices such as excessive smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and even too much exposure to toxins.

The male and female reproductive system is the x and y for new living organisms’ production. That is what constitutes life’s characteristics. The ability to reproduce is a fundamental need in the living world. Producing female and male sex cells generate the function of the reproductive system with the assurance of maturation and growth of the offspring. The regulation of hormones is what comprises the activities of the reproductive organs.


Back in the 18th century, two classifications of cannabis strains were introduced; cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa was the idea of a Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus conducted research about the roots of Sativa plants which is in Western Eurasia and Europe believed to be bred for its richness in seeds and fiber. The term Indica, on the other hand, was named by a French biologist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Lamarck conducted research about the roots of indica plants which is in India believed to be bred because of its hashish production, fiber, and seeds.

If you have plans on building your own family, what we highly suggest is to avoid the intake of marijuana of any kind as early as now. Our reproductive system is very sensitive when it comes to the absorption of harmful drugs, smoking of nicotine, and other environmental factors inclined to relieve stress. Yes, marijuana seeds can make you sterile. Less sperm to be delivered during the deed of sexual intercourse means very low chances of being able to reproduce. It affects both men and women. The more it is exposed to these contents, the harder it is for your body to adjust when you want to quit these vices.

* AGE – the older women and men get, the fewer chances they will be able to conceive a child. People who are in their early 20s are more fertile and it alleviates through aging.

performance. An idea may come into mind too. Since it affects reproduction and fertilization, will it be a suggested birth control? Yes and no. The level of fertility of every person varies and there is not enough evidence to support this hypothesis.

Burkman’s team studied only men. But she says that when women smoke marijuana, the active ingredient — THC — appears in their reproductive organs and vaginal fluids. Sperm exposed to this THC are likely to act just as sperm exposed to THC in the testes.

The smokers weren’t the only ones who got high. The drug affected their sperm, too. These stoned sperm party hard. And then? They burn out, researchers say.

As the sperm approaches the egg, it receives a signal to start swimming — hard. This hyperactivation lets it push through the egg cover. Pooped out sperm don’t have a chance. Learn about more ways marijuana can affect fertility.

Marijuana and Fertility Timing

“When women smoke marijuana, nicotine, or other drugs, their reproductive fluids contain these drugs,” Burkman says. “The woman smoking marijuana is putting THC into her oviduct, into her cervix. If the man is not smoking but the woman is, his sperm go into her body and hit THC in the vagina, oviduct, and uterus. Her THC is changing his sperm.”

“Marijuana-smoking men’s sperm are hyper. They are way out there,” Burkman tells WebMD. “They already have begun the vigorous swimming called hyperactivation. Sperm should be quiet at first. They should be waiting to be washed into cervix and approach the egg before they start hyperactivation.”

“It is not a head start. They are going to blow it,” Burkman says. “They’re too fast, too early. Each individual sperm can maintain this swimming only so long, only several hours. Then it poops out. If it has run out of hyperactivation before it gets close to the egg, it will not fertilize. These sperm are going to burn out.”

Marijuana-smoking college men volunteered for the study led by Lani J. Burkman, PhD, director of andrology at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Quitting marijuana can be harder than many long-term marijuana users expect, so you and your partner would be wise to quit as soon as possible, while you still have time to get help before getting pregnant. If either or both parents still use marijuana when the baby arrives, you are increasing the risk that your child may use drugs in the future, and parental drug use is implicated in many difficulties for children and families.

Although the link between marijuana and fertility is not straightforward—plenty of marijuana smokers get pregnant and get their partners pregnant—some research has demonstrated that marijuana use can negatively impact you, your partner, or the fertility of both of you.

Despite the relaxation effects that many people associate with marijuana use, research has shown marijuana has negative effects on the male sexual response.

Male Fertility

Obviously, if you are both smoking marijuana, you risk increasing the chances of infertility as a couple.

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Research suggests that marijuana can negatively affect female fertility in the following ways:

Furthermore, the effects of marijuana on fertility seem to accumulate over time. This means that although teenage girls who smoke marijuana are more likely to get pregnant, by the time a chronic marijuana smoking woman is in her mid-twenties, she may be more likely to experience a delay in getting pregnant.