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CropKing, Inc., introduces Hydro-Gro Leafy Fertilizer for the commercial and hobby hydroponic grower seeking a complete and cost effective hydroponic fertilizer for their leaf crops. This fertilizer is specifically formulated with all the nutrients needed for lettuce as well as kale, arugula and many herbs. Hydro-Gro Leafy is used in conjunction with calcium nitrate to form a two-part fertilizer that can be mixed to either feed strength or concentrated strength.

CropKing’s Grower Workshop is an entry level, two-day, on-site workshop designed to help people seeking practical, common sense information on Controlled Environment Agriculture and Hydroponic Growing. This is a great workshop to attend if you are in the exploratory stages of this industry or have recently started a hobby or commercial business. Learn from and connect with a staff of experience horticulturalist and engineers. CropKing’s goal is to help you become a successful grower.

CropKing is proud to offer innovative and affordable solutions for the cannabis and hemp industries, whether you’re looking to grow in a greenhouse, warehouse or in a different kind of structure. With over 35 years in the hydroponic and controlled environment agriculture space, we’ve helped growers in all 50 states and 20+ countries find success in produce, cannabis, and hemp production.

CropKing offers turn-key packages complete with growing & light deprivation systems, heating, cooling, and environmental controls. We also have a talented team of engineers on staff, available for custom or site-specific builds complete with consulting and general contracting services.

Many of our products are specialized, custom or otherwise not in our online catalog. Please call us at 330-302-4203 or email [email protected] for more information.