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crop king autoflower

This high THC, low CBD Indica hybrid, ensures that what you see is what you get. The sweet notes and candy-like berry flavor is a great addition to its features. Just like the candy where its name heavily implies, Zkittlez is a refreshing take on cannabis. This auto-flowering strain grows in half the time the original would take, thus enabling growers to harvest the crops in no time.

The quick-flowering plant also serves a great amount of medical value as it can balance out the negative thoughts and pushes them towards a clear mental state. Gone are the days when you experience sudden depressive thoughts or an anxious mindset. The subtle high that this plant provides
may not be the most powerful, but it is still potent enough to give you a decent high that does not blast you with intense sensory experience. If you are looking for a mild strain that offers great flavor and smoke, then Zkittlez Autoflower should be your choice.

Just like planting traditional strains, autoflower plants also need preparation and essential steps to make sure the best yield is produced to make the most out of it.

It is also very important to water the autoflowering plants correctly. To do this, avoid scheduling the plant’s watering at a fixed time, but rather, water it when needed only. Just like traditional plants, make sure to check if the topsoil is dry; water it if it is dry. If it is still damp, consider watering it later. When watering, don’t use too much water. Spraying is enough for the soil to get damp, and the plant is good to go.

Steps and tips on how to grow autoflower strains

1. Harvest and Yield

In the last one or two weeks, just before the harvest, consider flushing the autoflower plants. It means to stop giving the plant any kinds of nutrients. Use water to gently get rid of any remaining chemicals and nutrients. This may cause leaves to run yellow, but that is normal. Flushing will let the buds taste pure and better instead of tasting chemicals on the smoke. Thus, flushing the plant is always essential.

For continuous growth and harvest, it is also possible to plant more seeds while the current autoflower plant is ready to harvest. It would be easy to keep up with the growing and harvesting part since they don’t take that long. That way, the growers can have ready-to-harvest plants and growing plants simultaneously. This means more yields and more ways to observe and cultivate autoflower plants.

Although Crop King Seeds was formed in 2005, the company has been in business as early as 2000. The company has been perfecting its seed banks ever since and today it has a large seed bank for cannabis seeds and sells various strains. They have built up the reputation of the company and because of this, their seed ships offer extra services like stealth shipping and even toll-free shipping.

Of course, strains like candy cane come in seed packs of varying sizes of seeds. Some contain 5 seeds and some have 10 seeds per pack. The pack variety is also very good to have and it’s a good guarantee of the quality of the brand as the larger seed packs often contain better prices which promotes bulk buying that saves you money and time.

What You Like About Crop King Seeds?

And speaking of reputation, their seeds also have a guarantee of an 80% chance of germination which is pretty good for a cannabis seed or plant. Overall, Crop King Seeds is a good brand and deserves the high praise and solid reputation it has.

There’s a reason why Crop King Seeds has a lot of high ratings from customers and this is why its reputation is very solid. The company has been around for a long time and has been formed as early as 2005. As stated by the company on their website, the brand itself has been perfecting the process and genetics of cannabis plants of the products that they are selling.

If you’re looking for a particular strain of cannabis, then Crop King seeds are one of the best seed banks to rely on. They have a good variety of strains and even mixtures of Sativa, Indica, ruderalis, and many hybrids, like Canadian seed. Expect to see a lot of different cannabis strains of high quality like candy cane, purple haze, purple kush, and many more!