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Ruderal Siberian cannabis seeds direct from an ancient centre of Asian cannabis culture near the borderlands of Kazakhstan Ruderalis Indica Regular Seeds – 10 from Sensi Seeds for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003.


Genetics: Ruderal Siberian Cannabis
Sourcing: Russian Landrace Bureau, Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk, southern Russia
Purpose: n/a
Latitude: 54° N
Harvest: August to September
Height: 1.5 to 3 metres
Aroma: Intense pine, sweet floral, citrus
Characteristics: Resinous, vigorous, hardy, autoflowering, small leaves, purple coloration, CBD
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, or indoors

This ruderal Siberian accession is a resinous, day-neutral (autoflowering) population direct from Chelyabinsk, close to Kazakhstan. This genepool neighbours some of the most ancient Asian centres of cannabis culture, namely the Central Asian steppe, once home to history’s original dope fiends, the Scythians.

These plants are something of a mystery. The theory among local people is that they may have originated in Kazakhstan. Several characteristics suggest they are descended from an imported hashish landrace: domesticate seed structure, intense resin, powerful aromas, and definite psychoactivity. Conceivably this population originated as a hybrid between an introduced Kazakh landrace and local Siberian ruderal populations.

Seeds are quite small, silver, and mottled, with somewhat elongated horseshoe bases on some specimens, all of which indicates the presence of ruderal (‘wild’) genetics. Cold-treating is advisable for best results.

CBD chemotypes are likely. Very fast flowering and hardy, these plants are well-suited for northern latitudes.

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds of ruderal Cannabis exhibit highly variable and uneven germination.

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Seeds of this Siberian population: the mottled silver surface suggests ruderal genetics, as does the slight elongation and horseshoe shape of some bases

Ruderalis Indica Regular Seeds – 10

Ruderalis Indica is a semi-autoflowering, 90% indica cannabis strain that is adapted to harsh climate conditions. In fact it prefers a cold climate much more than a warm, humid one. Crossing the ruderalis with psychoactive indica plants increases the levels of THC.

Ruderalis Indica plants will be auto-flowering in about 50% of cases with the others being triggered into flowering by the shortening daylight hours. It is an absolute breeze to grow even for the most inexperienced of people. The ruderalis component was sourced from wild plants near the Russian border. Ruderalis Indica is a compact plant that grows in a Christmas tree-like pattern and has very low odour which is advantageous if growing either near neighbours or indoors. It will be ready to harvest during September in northern latitudes.

THC production is rather lower than the average hybrid marijuana strain and it also has elevated levels of CBD. This makes it a potentially useful plant for medicinal usage as it provides a gentle high without being overpowering with the CBD providing healing relaxation.

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