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Offering high-quality cannabis genetics. We breed grower-friendly plants that yield big, dense flowers, & boutique-quality buds. Shop Our Seeds Today! Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award-winning, Oakland-based collective known for cultivating unique cannabis phenotypes bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production.

Cannabis Genetics Seeds

Bulletproof Genetics x UFO Genetics
Dropped May 20th at 4:20pm (PDT), 7:20pm (EDT) at our vendors. They will be available here 6/1/22.


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Option to purchase our cannabis seeds from any of the following Seed Banks across the United States

Community Support

Bulletproof Genetics seeds offer exceptional value & variety. Winner of Cultivators Cup 2016, Best Hybrid 2015

Bulletproof Genetics is a local Michigan breeder with some amazing genetics available in seed form. I’ve grown Numerous strains and they all have had some exceptional phenos in each seed pack. Highly recommend

Prom Queen Strain Review
i feel like i’m in the 80s man like fr. it’s a super spaced out and relaxed but alert high. i rate it 8/8

House Varieties

These genetics are the backbone of the program. They are well-known favorites that have proven out over time — familiar to the market, and typically more straight-forward to cultivate.

Seasonal Selections

These selections are emergent genetics capturing the interest and attention of experienced cultivators. Our seasonals are at the forefront of the program — they are glimpses into the future of California cannabis.


These genetics are selections brought to market with our most trusted partners and friends. Collaborations allow us to playfully create at the edge of emerging genetics, and highlight the work of breeders we dig.

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Purple City Ethic

It takes a lifetime to truly cultivate cannabis. Thirteen years in and we’re still learning and growing every day. We remain firmly rooted in our community of growers, cultivators, farmers and producers.

We care deeply about the plant, which faces an ever-evolving set of challenges, both human and botanical. Our mission is to provide the best genetics possible. This means searching through hundreds of thousands of seeds every year looking for just one or two selections worthy of the Purple City Genetics roster: high THC, unbelievable terps, stimulating effects and high return in concentrates.

We’re committed to our diverse California heritage living forever.

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