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can you get caught buying weed seeds online

The big difference in between feminized & Regular seeds in their genome. Feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes (xx). So they produce 100% female seeds. It is compulsory to cross-fertilize a female with another female that is (xx) (xx).
Regular seeds come from cross-fertilization between a male (XY) and a female (XX). So their genome contains both sexes.
The main difference is that feminized seed only produce female specimens, while from a Regular seed both male and female come out.
Many people have even doubt that feminized seeds are less powerful but its totally wrong. Feminized seeds are completely equal to normal ones.
Professional Cannabis Farmers have pointed out different ways to ensure that the seed will most likely be female. To generate a feminized seed the grower pressure a female plant into being a hermaphrodite. The outcome “male” flowers on a female plant will make pollen that when merged with a real female flower will produce seeds that will be female plants on the germination of feminized seeds a breeder does not need to detect the garden to mark for male plants, that need to be removed.
As feminized seeds are soo much costly, You most likely want to breed out 100% of your seed that half of your seeds.
The Farmers not only interested in Feminized seeds, but Seed banks companies would also favor selling you seed at any time you want to breed a plant rather than you purchasing Cannabis seeds once then become independent OR even a Challenger.
IF you are a new breeder, then feminized seeds are a good choice for you started.

White widow is a hybrid cannabis strain from Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica genetics. White widow name for its frosty white appearance.white widow regular seeds flowering time 8 weeks.

Are you ordering Cannabis Seeds online for the first time? Without busted for ordering seed its really important to make sure you get your seeds from a trusted source like best canadian seed banks. Who ensure your security & also keeps you from getting scammed or cheat with low-quality seeds.


Select the right method of germination.some of the good methods to germinate seeds quickly include the pre-soak method, paper towel method, and direct soil method.
The Right procedure of storage of the cannabis seeds will also be difficult. It will be best to plant them the right way. Protect from direct heat, moisture, and humidity, Freezing seeds can be an effect.

Accepted payment methods include credit card, check, debit card, postal money order, cash in the mail, bank deposit, and Bitcoin.
Using Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is a safe and secure way for purchasing cannabis seeds only. These services give you discounts and extra free seeds with your order.

Seeds from a Marijuana plant. These seeds come from one male and one female parent. There is a 50% chance that the plant will be feminized version. Because you have zero control over the plant gender.
Regular Seeds are the breeder’s first choice and are responsible for preserve the marijuana genus through its natural evolution. are located in San Diego and Oklahoma and ship 99% of packages from the USA in 2021. ship all orders in about 2 weeks from date of payment. Payment accept ACH, ECheck, Zelle, Gpay, Digital Currency, Cash, Money Order, Checks and sometimes Paypal. You can use credit card for an extra fee via a gift card program.

However, if you transport them across state lines, you are breaking the law. Seeds are a marijuana product and any marijuana products are illegal at the federal level.

The general rule is that any plant deemed an invasive species or dangerous in some other way (e.g. it is poisonous) can not be shipped across state lines in the US and can also not be sent to the US from overseas. Most other countries have similar restrictions. In fact, if shipping internationally, you probably can’t send any types of seeds, without the proper permits and certificates.

United States

If you buy from an online store, it should warn you if you are attempting to buy a species that can’t be mailed. In fact, at the time of writing, Amazon had just banned all seed sales from overseas to the US, due to unidentified seed packets being mailed from China.

If buying seeds in Europe, we generally recommend one of the log-established banks. The aforementioned Seedsman is good, but our favorite is Marijuana Seeds NL.

Growing weed and buying seeds is perfectly legal in Australia—if you have a prescription for medicinal marijuana. If you do not, you can’t buy seeds. Many seed shipments end up getting confiscated and a number of seed banks have stopped shipping to Australia entirely as a result. There are now almost as few shipping to Australia, as there are seed banks than take PayPal.

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It’s perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds in Australia and to grow your own weed when you possess a prescription for medicinal cannabis. If you haven’t such a prescription and you are caught with marijuana seeds, the police will probably consider the seeds as illegal and confiscate them.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online in the UK?

USA inhabitants face conflicting regulations. On the federal level, cannabis seeds aren’t legal. This also applies to importing cannabis seeds from outside the US. Even when living in states such as Michigan, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Columbia where it’s perfectly legal to grow medical marijuana and in some cases even for personal recreational use.

Click on a link below to find more information about the legal status of cannabis seeds in your country.

Italians can buy cannabis seeds both online and in stores but like in many other countries the germination of the seeds is an illegal activity.