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buymarijuanaonline com au review

Note: we do not condone any illegal transactions of cannabis. This article’s goal is an observation of the online platform focusing on cannabis transactions.

LeafedOut was born out of the frustration of cannabis buyers being unable to link with suppliers.

Is LeafedIn / LeafedOut Safe?

It’s easy to avoid scams on LeafedOut as long as you check for any of the above red flags. Scams when buying cannabis online always lead to them getting the money without meeting in person.

James is an experienced writer and legal cannabis advocate in Australia. He answers all the questions about business, legalisation and medicinal cannabis.

The dangers and risks around used Leafed Out is abundantly clear. You could just as easily be meeting a police officer instead of a marijuana dealer. We don’t encourage ilicit buying of marijuana, but Leafed Out certainly is the riskiest way to buy weed in Australia.


scamed me out of $300 stay away will take your money and that all they do very bad stay away from this one or you will be very sorry

Total scammers I lost $440 To these dogs. there also known as Melbourne stoners.. they pray on the sick who are looking for pain relief..
Do not deal with these scammers


Be careful it's a scam. My husband spent $200 on edibles. I have anxiety and Depression and because of Covid-19, it has been really hard. They said that they would ship it over the weekend. I never got anything than they asked for $800 for insurance and kept our money 😡🤬

DO NOT USE USERNAME (High_Grade_Specialist)


I ordered from THC for $250 worth of products ! Received tracking information only to find out they need some BS stamp for $125 to proceed with shipping. I should of stayed with local dealers

I have already found a legit online shop 100% Buymarijuanaonline247

EVERYONE. Read please.

This company is real scam!

Poor management, poor quality products, order not respected but my former supplier ( was fast, good quality stuffs, very organized management. I will recommend ( to any dude who wants top good stuffs and quick response they are awesome.

All good but the weed I got (death star) had no fire at all. Tasted like frickin had not to compared with their quality are high high to far to be compared with anyone here, is the best.

Do not deal with these scammers!
I tried to order a $185.00 purchase, got text messages asking to pay 4 different people on cashapp. Then I was asked to pay $120.00 to keep my shipment inspection free, that $120 was supposed to returned to me upon receiving my shipment. Couple days later I'm contacted again to pay $710 more to pay for a permit because my shipment was stuck. At this point I felt like this url was a scam. I asked for a refund but really did not expect it. My mistake for trusting this business. My hope was to deal with trust issues but lesson learned.Thanks to God that I found Megakushbudshop.con