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I placed an order for $175 with these folks on 09-07-2017. After completing the transaction, my money was taken but my cart was still full and I had no order confirmation. I emailed customer service, no response. Over the next several days I tried to contact these folks via email; no response.

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Commander 4 variétés dont girl scoot cookie et auto og kiudh..ces graines sont minuscule et s écrasé entre les doigt ,aucune n a germé 2 semaine après toujours rien alors que les autre sont déjà en pot.
J’ai envoyé mail mais après plusieurs jours toujours pas de réponse.
Dernière fois que je commande ici.
A fuir. si j’ai des nouvelles de leur part je reviendrai mettre ce qu il en est,mais pour l instant restez sur des sites déjà reconnus

Realice un pedido hace un par de semanas, y por curiosidad despues mire las opiniones y me asuste un poco por los comentarios negativos. He probado con una variedad de las que compre "Purple Kush" Y el ratio de germinacion ha sido de 4 de 5 . Las 4 que han germinado lo hicieron en 48 horas y estan bastante sanas y vigorosas. Merece la pena.

Very patient customer service. Prices too good to turn down. And I got a t-shirt.

Original Orange Bud

I am smoking just before work 🙂 Great for social jobs.
Everything is so funny and easy with this girl.

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Auto Sweet Tooth

She is tough ! Easy to grow.
Energetic, speedy but not racy high.
Very long lasting.
Great wake and bake strain.
Good with sports.
Euphoric, talkative, creative high without dry mouth.Very comfy.
Smells like orange basket .

Thanks for the support guys.
Wonderful community, i am glad to be here.
Happy growing 🙂

I am satisfied with them so far. Some strains from this breeder are the same as with the originals.

Veg Lights: "300W" Bloomspect + "1000W" Bestva LEDs.
Flower Light: Sunlight
Soil: Freedom Farms soil
Pot size: 12L fabric shopping bags
Nutrients: Will be using Freedom Farms microlife in veg, and their Fire Juice late flower booster in addition to Biobizz Bloom and Malasses.

guest Germany, May 2018

genetic are not those described. Plants all different both in size and quality too.

09/27/2017 no seeds, no response from Bulk Seeds

all these strains where healthy and got an amazing smell and taste like original. +even if i got only one plant it was awesome