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black seeds in weed

A solid way to obtain great seeds is to find a reputable seed bank. These companies pride themselves of their breeding skills and make sure that their customers receive exactly what has been advertised. They have reputations to cater to, so delivering anything less would only harm their image.

The fact that cannabis seeds can vary in appearance has led some growers to think that the size, shape, or color of a seed dictates its quality.

However, slight patience is required when conducting the float test, as results are not immediately apparent. You’ll have to wait for approximately 1–2 hours before confirming the results. Some good-quality seeds will need adequate time to absorb enough water for them to sink. Use this time to go water the garden and get some much needed pruning done. Upon your return, any seeds that remain on the surface are most likely not viable and won’t be worth further time and effort.

Source Your Seeds Well

With this said, you may get lucky if the strain they were growing really is prime. In this case, it’s worth carrying out the following test to see if it’s worth germinating.

Are your seeds light or dark in colour? Are they tough or do they turn to dust when you press them between your fingers? These are just some of the ways to tell if a seed is healthy and worth growing. Keep reading to learn more.

Some smokers might be pleased to see some cannabis seeds in their bag, and might think themselves lucky. However, finding seeds in a bag is bad for various reasons. For one, this means the grower has messed up and allowed their female plants to be pollinated by an invading male. When flowers are pollinated, they stop producing THC-containing resin and divert their energy toward producing seeds. Secondly, the seeds will have added to the overall weight of the bag, which means less weed for your buck.

The alternative to this is to risk buying seeds from a hobbyist. This isn’t to say that hobby growers cannot produce fantastic genetics, but if you don’t know them or their skills, there’s no way to know whether your seeds will grow.

Anyways, here are some pics of what I just found, they are not the best pictures because they are so damn small, but it should give you guys an idea of what I am looking at. They are not white or hard at all, they are actually pretty soft and break up, not really in a specific shape, looks like black little crumbs or something. Really hope I did not just discover a massive problem, because the Skunks will be coming down in the next few days, but the three NL’s in the room still have a good five weeks to go or so. These little black seed looking things seem to be hollow as well, there isn’t a whole lot to them to be honest, just don’t want to ruin my personal, which this grow is entirely. There is not much good bud in FL.

What do you guys think? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Should I go ahead and harvest now to prevent these from maturing any further? If that is indeed what they are is seeds from somewhere, but in all seriousness, I am almost positive I have not seen a single male flower this time around.

So I pulled a small bud off of my Skunk #1 Auto as a tester, I am about 5 days away from harvest and wanted to get a gauge of where I was at. Anyways, I did a quick dry on the bud last night and it ended up weighing like 1 gram. So I was picking it apart and noticed these tiny little dark black dots in the bud. And when I say tiny, I mean very small, probably the size of a pin head, and they were deep within the calyxes. I got about 6 or so out of this one bud. They looks like very tiny seeds, but I am 99.9% sure that I had no males or hermies in my crop. I will have to check especially hard tomorrow, but I have spent such a large amount of time with them I am pretty sure I would have seen any male flowers appear. I have not checked any more bud or any of the other girls, so I am not sure if this is a widespread problem or if it is contained to a single plant.

Anyone else have experience with this? How bad of shape am I really about to be in?

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