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best weed and seed for lawns

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It’s extremely easy to use. Simply attach this liquid fertilizer to your hose for easy distribution over your entire yard. With the capabilities to knock out an impressive amount of weeds, this liquid weed and feed is an excellent purchase.

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The rest of the bag is normally occupied by secondary nutrients and filler that ensures the nutrients are properly distributed.

Who Should Buy It: This hassle-free fertilizer is perfect for people who want something they can easily apply to their entire lawn.

Why We Like It: You can use this granular weed preventer and fertilizer all season long to feed your plants and prevent weeds from sprouting.

Liquid weed and feed uses a different kind of fertilizer spreader. Many liquid options can be screwed directly onto your hose and act as a sprayer nozzle that with automatically blend the chemicals with your water using the right ratio. Other liquids may require that you mix them and use a liquid sprayer attached to an ATV or lawn tractor.

Application Season: All-Year Round
Nitrogen Concentration & Release: Dependent on your customized plan
Granular vs Liquid: Liquid and Granular
Weeds Killed: Flexible based on your needs
Important Notes: 2-minute prepaid soil test is required

All plants, especially your lawn, will require specific soil chemistry to grow properly. Since they pull nutrients from the soil, those nutrients need to be in the soil to start with. While there is a wide array of nutrients found in healthy soil, the key ones to look for are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Soil testing

Pennington does offer the slow release of nitrogen that will keep your lawn healthy, once you do remember to feed it.

Each delivery will offer a mix of products, including 2-in-1s, like Greenview Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer and Jonathan Green Weed & Feed, and focused herbicides and fertilizers. With this monthly service, you’ll get what you exactly need to kill the weeds plaguing your yard while helping your lawn thrive.

Before you invest your time and money in a subpar product, you will want to check out our list of the best weed and feed fertilizers.

Greenview Fairway Formula

Feeding in autumn helps encourage strong root growth, so your lawn will recover quickly from a harsh winter and put on lush green growth in spring. Autumn feeding is actually the most important feed and integral part of lawn care!

This photograph on the right shows the difference feeding your lawn can make. On the left section the lawn has been fed with a granular lawn food, on the right section nothing extra has been applied. As you can see, the fed section of lawn is much greener and healthier looking.

Additionally, some have moss control added for any moss present. It’s important to feed with a specific autumn lawn food such as Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care, to get the grass ready for the colder, wetter weather in winter and get the lawn ready for spring. Autumn lawn feeds will be low in nitrogen, as we don’t want to encourage any top growth, which can be soft and easily burnt by frost.

Spring and summer lawn feeding

For spring feeding, use a product containing feed, weed killers and moss control. This will quickly help the grass to start growing again and control any weeds that are present, plus kill off the moss that might have invaded the lawn over the winter.

Some lawn treatments just feed your garden lawn and are ideal if your lawn is weed and moss free, but others have added ingredients such as weed killers and/or moss killers. Furthermore, some are designed to use in the autumn to toughen up the grass ready for the winter and/or kill moss.

Without food to develop side shoots and thickness, the lawn seed is also open to invasion by weed seeds and moss, that thrive in low nutrient conditions. On the other hand, a regular supply of supplementary food makes your lawn thick and green.

But don’t fret; below are the descriptions and properties of the types of lawn feeds, including the specific benefits of each.