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best way to sell weed fast

Don’t charge top-shelf prices before you have a good reputation as a dealer unless you have the dank to back it up. Try to avoid hooking up your friends too much ; otherwise, you may never make a profit . Many potential sellers end up making no money because they gave their friends too much free weed. You have to learn how and when to say no. This is a business, after all.

Selling your homegrown weed to a dispensary is a great goal, but it is a lofty one. Generally, only growers who have been at it for years are going to pass the test. It will be years or perhaps decades before you are that good. You’ve got to start somewhere, though!

It’s pretty easy to avoid getting caught, as long as you are smart about it. Try to avoid expanding your business too quickly. I know the temptation to sell to more people so that you can quickly make your money back is intense, but all it takes is one tim e of selling it to the wrong person to land you behind bars. Start slowly by selling to only the most trustworthy people.

How Much does weed Sell for?

Grow Year Round

First of all, you will need a few materials. You’ll need a scale so that you can properly measure out your product. No matter how good you think you might be, trust me, you are not good enough to “eyeball it.” Your customers will not put up with that, and you will be accused of shorting them, which is a stigma that no weed dealer wants.

Lastly, but certainly not least, you will need the goods to sell. There are many ways that you can find weed to sell, such as from a dispensary, or another dealer. Of course, you can always cut out the middleman and grow your own!

How much should you charge? The best way is to sta rt off with an ounce, which you can buy for anywhere from $325 to $400, depending on the quality. From there, you can decide if you want to charge just enough to break even, or if you want to charge just a little more and actually turn a profit .

I f you’ve had enough of your nine-to-five’s wearying toil, perhaps a change of vocation is in order. The Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver can recommend an intriguing alternative starting this September: selling pot.

The course promises to be a rigorous survey of the landscape of marijuana production and sale, educating prospective growers in everything from irrigation to marketing.

1. Don’t rely on past experience

I spoke with Tegan Adams, the programme’s developer and primary instructor, to get a clearer idea of what those eager for education in the discipline can expect.

“As with any agricultural crop,” Adams says, “there are going to be ongoing issues with pest management that you need to look at.” Energy consumption, too, poses challenges few people consider. “Indoor facilities especially have huge electrical bills,” Adams points out. “For a four- to five-thousand square foot place you’re looking at around $30,000 a month. That’s a lot. That’s $360,000 a year for the lights in just a small facility.”

If you’ve got a good product, you’ve got to get it into your customer’s hands and have them come back.

i’d have to say 15

Grow it, it’s cheaper and you can still get high.

First of all smoke less.. The reason one would feel like they’ve made nothing after buying a quarter for 50 dollars and selling it is probably because he smoked more then 2 grams and actually aquired a loss.

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As someone above said it’s all about the profit margin, don’t just try and get the best bud possible. Try and get the best DEAL possible on whatever quality bud is available. Have cheaper prices then your competitors, they make more in one sale and leave people feeling ripped off then those people become steady customers to you and you make more money over time selling as much product as possible.

You buy a product, you add a markup, you sell for profit.I could get really technical and talk about how consuming your stock instead of selling it will lower your profit and possibly lead to loss

i can see how large scale selling could be good profit, but how do you start off selling without ending up smoking your product. (for example)

BASICALLY i want to know what are the tricks of the trade for selling weed?? haha