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best autoflower seed bank

I like to know as much as possible about each strain before buying it.

In this article, I’ll look at what makes a good Auto-flower seed bank and recommend some of the best seed banks for autos.

1. Large selection of Autoflower strains

As you can see, Seedsman is significantly cheaper than the others.

I want to know how tall it’s expected to grow, what it tastes like, what it smells like, and what effects it has.

However, a particular mention again goes to ILGM who have use awesome video reviews and show someone actually tasting it.

A burst of flavors with maximum yields!

You can grow this awesome strain indoors and outdoors and can harvest your flowers between July to September. The plant’s height is between 60-100cm, making it one of the fast-growing shortest plants. Buds will be ready to be harvested in around 8-10 weeks.

Q2 – What is the difference between autoflowering and feminized seeds?
A2 – Feminized seeds do not contain male chromosomes; they produce female plants only with higher CBD and THC content. It might take longer to get buds on feminized plants. On the other hand, autoflower plants grow more quickly as they contain Ruderalis genetics, making it easier for beginners to maintain and grow.


You can also use it medically as it will give you relief from anxiety and insomnia. If you suffer from physical problems such as chronic pain and muscle spasms, Blueberry Autoflower is your go-to strain. You can also feel comforting in mental problems such as depression and stress.

You will get dense and resinous buds in just 8 weeks. Upon lighting, your taste buds will be filled with woody, spicy, and lemon flavors. As Pineapple Express is an Indica-dominant plant, you will get relaxed and can enjoy long-lasting euphoria that is enough to melt away your everyday stress.

Beginners can benefit from autoflower seeds as they don’t need to take care of the light cycle and seasons. They don’t need any experience to grow marijuana plants. All plants grow automatically that get flowers between 7 to 11 weeks only.

PRO TIP: Pineapple Express thrives really well when it gets proper soil ventilation. Therefore, make sure to add 1/3 part of coconut fiber to the soil to polish up the soil venting capacity.

Their Zkitllez autoflowering feminized yields up to 28.2 ounces/sqm indoors and up to 17.6 ounces/sqm indoors.

Definitive Score – 82%

Definitive Score – 92%


Based in the world’s marijuana capital, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer guaranteed and free worldwide shipping. They have a 90% germination guarantee for each of their 33 high-quality autoflowering strains.

Definitive Score – 84%

Definitive Score – 82%

Growers Choice Seeds ( sell 17 autoflowering strains, and most strains have their optimum indoor yields capped at the medium mark. Their heavy-yielding autoflower is the Blueberry Auto-fem. This beauty yields up to 13.4 ounces/plant outdoors and up to 17.6 ounces/sqm indoors.