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bagseed grow

I really liked the simplicity of using this line of nutrients. The pH perfect line made adding nutes a breeze. They were also very forgiving. I know I pushed the nutes hard during flowering, and my girl didn't seem to mind. I'll keep using this line. You gotta love the artwork too!

Потребовалось почти 3 недели, чтобы показать истинные женские характеристики. Я занимался легкой подготовкой и дефолиацией, пока эта растяжка возникала. В future я бы дефолиацию раньше и более длинной. Под навесом было много пуха.

Этот grow начался в space ведре, поэтому серьезный LST был использован, чтобы держать ее маленьким и плотным. Я возглавил ее после третьего узла и обучил ветви. Я перевернул ее через 5 недель. Она была правильным измерениям для окружающей среды.

Она цвела долго. В следующем дневнике я предполагаю, что первые несколько недель более вегетативные, чем цветение. Она легко удваивается по размеру в течение всего цикла цветения. Почки уложены красиво и плотно. Было очень мало запаха, пока я не была мокрой обрезки. My сын сказал: «В комнате для grow пахнет громко! «

Я сделал влажную отделку во время сбора урожая. Я курил смолу на ножницах. :dizzy_face: Сушка была выполнена в палатке для grow. У меня были проблемы с низкой влажностью, потому что мы живем в пустыне. Я проверил увлажнитель воздуха в палатке и до сих пор не смог получить влажность более 10%. Она сушала в течение 3 дней, потом я уходил почки, положил их в банки из каменщика, и выскочил в 58% Breveda.

After soaking the seed, simply place it on a damp paper towel under a warm (not hot) light. After a few days, you should see the seed begin to sprout a taproot. This indicates that it’s time to transfer the seedling into your grow medium where it can find more nutrients to flourish. Do so by gently placing the sprouted seed about ¾ to 1-inch deep in soil then cover it with more soil. Other grow mediums you can consider include rock wool, expanded clay, or peat moss, though these are primarily used for hydroponic grow systems.

We also suggest protecting your seedlings at this point because the slightest stress to their little bodies could kill them. Pests, pets, or simple carelessness could easily harm your seedlings so, until they are strong enough to withstand a little stress, enclose them in a plastic dome until they are at least a few inches tall. You can purchase plastic domes from your local nursery or grow shop or simply make some by cutting the top off a few 2-liter bottles and setting it on top of your babies. This will also help insulate your seedlings to minimize drastic temperature fluctuations.

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With a little effort, the seedling should soon push through the soil revealing its first set of “sucker leaves.” This is an exciting time as this is an indication of its impending growth; the sucker leaves are hungry for light and will absorb it readily to provide energy for future growth. Be sure your lighting is sufficient at this point as the bulk of your plants growth will depend on it.

In that same vein, if a bag of cannabis contains seeds, it could be due to stress of the mother plant. When a female cannabis plant gets stressed, her natural response is to produce seeds as a means of evolutionary survival. However, hermaphroditic females (female plants that contain seeds) also tend to produce hermaphroditic offspring. In other words, growing from bag seed can sometimes result in seedy weed, even when given the best grow conditions possible.

Also important to note is the unpredictable viability of bag seeds. If the crop was harvested before the seeds were mature, for example, or if they became damaged during the curing or packaging process, they may not sprout at all. Though this may not be much of a loss for outdoor grows, considering the cost if setting up an indoor grow, it would be a shame if the seeds didn’t take hold. To increase the likelihood of your bag seeds sprouting, keep your eyes peeled for healthy seeds.

One was in a 30 gallon cloth pot and I easily got a half pound of dry herb off her.

You guys have some awesome pictures! I’m definitely going to grow out all of my seeds now lol

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Well she served you well because you served her well! Female plants are like ladies in that aspect. Give her respect, a nice safe home, and lots of closet space then before you know it shes heavenly

I’ve got bone meal, two types of nitrogen-dominant organic fertilizer, dolomite lime, Epsom salt, pure potassium chloride, and espoma organic bloom booster which is 1-3-1 with 1% calcium and "colony forming species" of healthy bacteria/fungus

Amen! That’s why I wish I had more smoking friends that grew and knew even 20% of what you guys know. Respect the plant and it respects you.