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autoflowering weed plants

This is because organic nutrients work different from synthetic nutrients.

If you are choosing to grow many small autoflowers packed closely together, then make sure the cultivar is well suited for that setup. You want to go for a shorter autoflower that grows relatively homogeneous, this way you can fit in between 6-10 autoflowers in a meter square, planting in 5-7.5 liter pots.

Sea of Green

Low-stress training (LST) basically consists of bending or tying down the branches without mutilating the plants, as the name says, it’s less likely to stress your autoflowers when compared to HST and it’s what its usually recommended for autoflowers but you can get away with HST if you know what you’re doing, have in mind that LST requires patience and more work when compared to HST because you are shaping your plants gently day by day.

Always keep in mind:

Obviously, you can grow your autoflowers without worrying too. much about it but if you’re looking to make the most out of every single seed and really take your harvest to the next level, so we strongly recommend getting at least the basic tools to be able to measure and adjust the temperature and humidity.

Autoflowers are really easy to grow but there are basic guidelines you should know, just like when growing other plants or vegetables. All plants are different and even though you can successfully harvest the first time you grow cannabis, there are common mistakes that are better to avoid.

This solely depends on your climate, you need to remember that autos prefer dry sunny days so if you’re planning to have just one grow cycle, you can start them 1-2 weeks into Summer, and if you’re planning to have 2 harvests, start the next one right after finishing the first one.

1. Knowing the basics

Nutrients play a big role in growing autoflowering cannabis strains. Autoflowers are compact, so they don’t need loads of nutes in order to survive. In fact, autoflowers grow best when light fertilizers are used. It’s also important to feed the right nutrients at the right time.

Bigger autoflowers need bigger containers, so make sure you check the description before purchasing seeds. Root aeration is often overlooked, but it’s an important factor in determining your yields.

The size of an autoflower can be influenced by several factors, genetics being the main one. More modern autoflower breeders breed their genetics to contain as little as Ruderalis genetics as possible, focusing on the more appealing characteristics such as size, structure, potency, and yields.

Auto-Flowering Strains

Auto-flowering strains start automatically making buds (flowering) when they’re 3-4 weeks old. On average, plants are ready to harvest

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Indoors, generally your setup is the biggest determining factor of your yields.

When growing photoperiod plants outdoors, it’s important to make sure you plant your seeds at the right time and choose a strain that is suitable for your climate.