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autoflower outdoor australia

Autoflowers, with their short growing season, are ideal for cultivation in Australia as it is easily possible to enjoy multiple harvests each year. Bountiful sunshine allows autos to flourish and reap rich rewards, so if you are lucky enough to live Down Under, you might as well take advantage of the latest generation of high-quality autoflowering weed seeds.

Blue Dream Autoflowering is a cannabis hybrid with a carefully citrus, woody scent that exhibits notes of citrus, cedar, sweet fruit and Haze in flavor. Its effect causes a socializing, clear, cerebral, powerful and long-lasting “high”. It is recommended for Haze lovers and people who demand quality.

Top 5 autoflowering seeds Australia

Gorilla Glue Auto is a fantastic Sativa Indica autoflower, vigorous, hardy, easy to grow, fast flowering and heavy yielding. No wonder it is one of the most popular autoflower strains in Australia.

Bruce Banner’s ancestry is instantly recognizable by her sweet, berry and diesel scent. Like one of her parents, Strawberry Diesel, the mechanical aroma of Bruce Banner Auto mingles with fresh notes, hinting at its incredible potency. In terms of taste, sweet berries mingle with juicy citrus, leaving a feeling of freshness in the mouth.

As an autoflower with excellent and highly stable genetics, Critical Purple autoflower seeds are very straightforward to germinate and grow and thrive indoors, in soil or in a hydroponic setup. They take a long time to flower for an auto – as much as 94 days – but the resulting weed is definitely worth the wait. By the time you harvest, the bushy plants will have produced myriad buds full of recreational and therapeutic possibilities. You can expect 300 grams of weed per square metre indoors and approximately 350 grams per plant outdoors.

Hey guys i live in oz i just ordered these auto strains from planetskunk they are female seeds im going to growing outside under the sun anyone had experience shipping to australia from this store?

will let you know when they arrive

1 x Tundra® Auto Flowering & Feminized
1 x Automaria (Ruderalis)

Automaria Feminised from Paradise Seeds
A fast flowering stoney plant of Ruderalis/Indica origin. This plant, as the name suggests, spontaneously starts making resinous flowers even in the middle of summer or indoors, no matter how many hours of light. These seeds guarantee a quick harvest, "instant satisfaction".

10 female seeds of each

Above is a pic of my seedling box Very basic but it does the job!

I have been presented with a tricky challenge where I live, the heat! I like to run a 10gal fabric pot lined with a couple of layers of cardboard around the edges. This seems to help insulate the pot a little and also help prevent dryouts. You will want to avoid letting your plants dry out, shit goes south quickly when this happens! I like to very the amount of perlite used in my mix depending upon which season I’m growing in. Hot months I reduce the amount of perlite used to around 10% where as in winter I will up the amount to around 30%. Adding water savings granials is also a good idea season depending.I Also place a thick layer of sugar cane mulch on top of my soil. Its also important to keep enough drainage and airflow to your root system, after all no roots no fruits.
Having good wet/dry cycles is very Important,that’s how they feed. You don’t want your girls sitting in soggy soil but you don’t want them going dry either. When in heavy bloom I feed my girls daily, when in seedling stage its usually every other day.

If you can get away with it plant directly into the soil. This will really help avoid heat, again plenty of mulch is advised. Another good idea is digging a hole large enough to fit the bottom half of your pot, this gives you the ability to move your plants if you have to. Shade cloth or other fabric screening will be a great asset for you also depending upon your location and stealth needs. I have never used a shade house due to security issues but certainly wish I could.
I don’t know the science of it but using a seaweed additive a couple times a week seems to help a little with heat stress. I’m also a fan of foliar feeding my girls with it. I foliar feed at around 50% reccomend dosage. If you’re going to foliar feed make sure you do so late afternoon when the sun is disappearing, you may fry your leaves otherwise.
High heat and low humidity is the trickiest weather I find to grow in. This mucks with your girls nutrition uptake, usually if i see a deficiency problem of some kind it’s in this kind of weather. Unfortunately I’m yet to have much of a solution for this problem. The only thing i can say is go back to the infirmary and learn some more about spotting def problems with your plants, and adjust your nutrients to try and meet your gals needs. It’s in this weather I like to have cal/mg on hand.

the green bandit

So I thought this thread might be of use to some fellow aussie or hot climate outdoor enthusiast’s either now or in the future.

Remember this is just what I’m using, there’s thousands of products available that I’m sure you could grow great meds with.

The first thing i would say to do when you want to start growing your own is read these couple of guides.

You can get away with just biobizz grow and biobizz bloom and Epsom salts. I no longer use top max. I purchased all nutrients on Ebay except the seaweed (bunnings).
With just these items and a 10gal fabric pot you can grow your own meds with just sunshine and water required. I have grown a few plants without anything more than biobizz grow and bloom and Epsom salts they turned out just fine. I do find biobizz lacking a little bit in later stages of bloom and choose to use a bloom booster. I also like to keep some cal/mg on hand just in case. I also use some other amendments such as blood and bone and well composted horse and cow manure. You can add all sorts of things but to keep this guide simple I’ll stick to the basics.