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On the advice of some locals, I visited Prix d’Ami, a three-story coffeeshop downtown that features a 3D movie theater, comfortable lounge, great milkshakes, and some pretty good cannabis. A newer establishment, Prix d’Ami was buzzing like a beehive. The lounge space almost forces you to mingle with other visitors, and its proximity to the city center makes it the first and last place people stop on their way to and from Amsterdam.

I dropped the €14 for a gram without any further questions. It was the best Cheese I’ve seen in the last decade. I enjoyed a joint over a coke and sparked a conversation with a group of tourists celebrating a birthday. They had split a couple of space cakes and were in that anxious phase in between eating an edible and feeling its effects. Hilarity ensued as we swapped stories and I shared my Cheese with them.

Abraxas might be my favorite coffeeshop to duck into for a solo joint. Its atmosphere is second to none.


Visit Barney’s for its friendly, smart staff and Cannabis Cup-winning strains. While there, enjoy some food—Barney’s is one place where you can actually sit down and enjoy a proper meal while you smoke. Keep in mind, all Barney’s locations get busy and tables go quick.

Abraxas is a coffeeshop experience you simply cannot pass up when in Amsterdam.

Their Super Lemon Haze was the first real terpy strain I came across. Its classic lemon flavors and euphoric rush helped me forget I hadn’t had caffeine. Before leaving, I shared a joint of some earthy and calming Black Domina with a tourist from the UK and a local who shared advice on other coffeeshops to visit.

During the week, you’ll enjoy less crowds and more of the everyday culture of coffeeshops. Like any major city, things pick up on the weekend when tourists come to town and coffeeshops tend to fill up. This is especially true during special events at well-known locations. Plan ahead if you’re visiting for the weekend.

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In the grow-op, Laughing Buddha is a real space-hungry weed tree. Yields can potentially be enormous, provided you’ve got green fingers. LST and/or the ScrOG are recommended to shape and control a canopy of oversized colas. You’ll also need the patience for up to 12 weeks of flowering.

Want weed with a zesty lemon aroma that translates to a mouth-watering citrus flavour? It’s got to be the sativa-dominant Lemon Haze. Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk come together to create a sweet slice of fruity sinsemilla. Not quite as potent or as racy as a pure Haze variety, but 15–20% THC is more than enough to put some spring in your step.


The world-star weed from the US West Coast is top of the most wanted marijuana list in Europe too. Her fuel-kush odour with sour citrus notes, neon green frosty nugs, and knockout potency will temp and enchant you. 20%+ THC levels are guaranteed from the dankest specimens. Veterans will enjoy the initial euphoric wave before the heavier physical effect takes hold. Newbies might find themselves couchlocked in the coffeeshop. Try to find a comfy place to sit for an OG Kush session.

The roots of Tangilope can be traced back to the legendary Tangerine Dream. In fact, parent strain Tangie is a modern day revival of the original Cali Orange and Skunk hybrid. Ready for harvest after 9–10 weeks of flowering, this strain is capable of producing bumper head stash harvests up to 550g/m² indoors. If you’re going to get wet, you might as well go for a swim. Dive right into a pack of Tangie beans.

Discovered in the UK during the late-1980s from a crop of Skunk #1, over the years it was bulked up with either Afghan or Northern Lights depending on the breeder. The indica-dominant Cheese is the chillout Skunky strain for the connoisseur. But you need not be a grand master grower to chop down 500g/m² indoors. Cheese is easy to grow and ready for harvest after just 8 weeks of bloom.