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ak48 weed seeds

How to identify AK48 Automatic

With AK48 Automatic, you can look forward to some of the most resilient and fastest flowering indica/sativa cannabis hybrid plants available. This hybrid is an indica-dominant strain, although its sativa component is still very strong. That’s why people like AK48 Automatic — because it really is the best of both worlds. If you like both indica and sativa, and don’t want to have to choose, this is a great strain for you.

Medical properties of AK48 Automatic

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This strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, which makes it not only a pleasure to smoke, but a delight to grow also. It is characteristic of an indica plant, being only average in height with bushy leaves and buds on it. It produces a decent amount of sticky bud (covered in crystals, too), with quite a decent yield. A continental climate is what is recommended for growing this strain outdoors. It is fine under a regular, slightly warm climate. Otherwise, this plant also grows very well indoors.

This strain grows very dense, decent-sized buds, so that is one great way to familiarise yourself with this strain. It is also covered in long brown hairs just like many other strains with Afghan genetics. Finally, this strain distinguishes itself with how densely it is covered in crystal-like trichomes. Very sticky in the hands.

The effects of this strain include a very noticeable cerebral buzz, which no doubt comes from the sativa part of the plant. It is great for social or creative activities, as it makes the user extremely mentally alert. On the other hand, it also delivers the physical body high that those who use indica strains love. The uplifting energy that this strain brings is great for getting inspired for activities, although it is very strong marijuana, so maybe those activities are best done alone!

Smoking AK48 Automatic brings earthy flavours that are slightly spicy and slightly sweet. The sweet aroma of mango can be detected in this strain. Overall, it produces quite a long-lasting effect on the user and smokes incredibly well.

Thanks to her well balanced effects, this strain is well suited for beginner smokers who do not enjoy highly potent indica or racey sativas. Expect long lasting flavours of fruit, floral, earth and lemon. For medical patients AK-48 may help relieve feelings of stress, depression, and insomnia.

AK-48 is an extremely durable feminized hybrid that produces large yields of frosty buds, with a well balanced effect and super quick flowering time. Rich in THC and a great candidate for outdoors in rough climates facing challenging weather, AK-48 is the perfect strain for beginner growers.

When flowering under 12/12, AK-48 will display an abundance of frosted buds that were tested at 14-16% THC with 0.1-1% CBD. The terpene profile is earthy and floral dominant even though she smells she will not be the loudest smelling plant in the garden, allowing her to be grown with discretion both indoors and outdoors. Her flavour can be described as sweet, floral, fruity with a citrus edge making her a truly pleasant smoke with a unique flavour.

Strain Characteristics: AK-48 is a short and stout plant, meaning she will flower with a medium plant height of around 120cm. Her growth structure will be uniform with one main central cola with strong side branching, making AK-48 perfect for Sea of Green and SCROG. Flowering time will range from 7-9 weeks depending on phenotype which means this lady is a great choice for those looking for a super quick Cannabis plant, where she will produce 400 – 500 g/m²

What makes this strain so great: AK-48 ticks all the boxes and if you are looking for an easy to grow, resilient, discreet, large yielding plant that can perform with excellent results outdoors, with a delicious flavour then look no further. If you are a beginner or expert, hash or extract artist then you can be sure to find something special from this landrace hybrid!

Genetics: A four way hybrid created by the breeders at Nirvana, that is a cross of Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani. By crossing landrace varieties, we were able to create a strain that has a strong resistance to wind, cold, and plant disease thanks to her Afghani heritage. AK-48 will produce excellent results outdoors and is ideal for growing in colder climates.

Experiencing this strain: The effects of AK-48 are both euphoric and deeply relaxing, meaning that she is perfect for social scenarios and daytime use. After smoking a joint, users will feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness with sparks of creativity.

Outdoors, these plants grow out long colas in all directions, growing in the shape of an upside-down chandelier. Like we said before, this plant grows its branches pretty well-spaced out so that it can absorb as much light as possible. The buds grow pointy and dense, and each branch is capable of yielding as much as a full indoor plant. It should be ready towards September in the Northern Hemisphere, producing up to 800g in plants of about 2m.

When grown indoors this plant is super speedy, being one of the few strains that you can grow in under three months. Growers that are looking for a bit more yield should grow it for about 20 days before flipping the lights to flower them, although if you grow them at 12/12h with 600w lights from the start you can harvest after just 60 days.

AK-48 by Nirvana is a hybrid that makes for heavy, productive plants that have fast flowering periods. These plants are perfect for indoor growers that are looking for energetic highs from fast-flowering plants.

Growing AK48 Outdoors

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AK-48 by Nirvana Seed Bank is a strain that every grower should grow at least once; this plant does amazingly indoors with absolutely minimal care. It grows nice and short with few branches, making it perfect for growing indoors and making the most of your grow lights.

It has a sweet, smooth flavor that’s similar to fruit and pine. Some phenotypes have a more intensely sweet flavor, which tend to be chosen for mother plants. It’s not the type of weed to leave you couchlocked; it has an energetic and happy effect, perfect to smoke with friends.